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Manyprog PC Cleaner - an integrated tool for disk space analysis and cleaning hard disk from temporary files and duplicates. The utility can help you determine which files and folders take up the most space on your hard drive, as well as significantly clean the hard disk from junk. This program is very useful in cases where the hard drive is full, and you need to free up space on it. And, because the program performs three different functions, there is no need to install separate programs. This useful tool is a combination of three different programs - the utility that performs disk space analysis, the program, whose main function - Disk Cleanup of temporary files and programs to search for and delete duplicate. The main function of this complex program it is Disk Cleanup. It allows you to clean hard disk of temporary files remaining after the various applications. For example, with the help of it you can quickly and efficiently clean up browser history, cookies and browser cache, saved passwords and delete the logs of various programs and temporary files left over from the work of programs such as Skype, Adobe Flash Player, Windows Media Player and many others.

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